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Get Best Computer Hardware and Networking Coaching At IICS

Are you looking for Computer Hardware and Networking course? If yes, Then Join best IT training institute in Delhi at IICS, and get multiple job opportunities with big IT names. Education is not enough to face the real world. It needs some kind of course. If you want to accomplish your life with opportunities then don’t miss the possible opportunity from IICS to pursue the course. Computer hardware and networking course which is evergreen. If you want to amplify your skill then you should go with computer hardware and networking course.

How IICS Is The Best Coaching?

IICS is the leading coaching institute which provides you the professional courses including hardware and networking in Delhi. We believe to keep you updated with the latest technology through our IT professionals. We have great faculty, who have devoted their lives to teaching. The professionals would help you with the practical, assessments and interview training programs. They will help you, to achieve a good score and after that, you will be able to apply to many industries.

What Syllabus You Will Learn?

The concept which you will learn over IICS to gain the expertization in computer hardware and networking course.

Some of our syllabus:

  • Disk Management
  • Windows installation
  • Computer hardware overview-knowledge of parts of the computer.
  • Motherboard overview-identification of parts, chips, slots, connectors and so on.
  • CPU-types of CPU, basic terminology and CPU socket details.
  • RAM-concept of RAM, types of RAM, RAM operating voltage
  • SMPS-concept of SMPS, pin details, testing of SMPS and how to use multi-meter and so on.

Job Scope

Planned to pursue hardware and networking course! You decided right because there are plenty of job opportunities after completing the same. You would be able to apply in the IT department for the posts of network and hardware engineer, IT head and tester. You will be able to live a good life by earning immense. In India, there are lots of companies which provides you the opportunity with high pay scale amount.

These are the little information written above which would help you to pursue hardware and networking course. So why you are still waiting. Affix with best IT training institute in Delhi and learn the new skill to earn immense by joining a new job.

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