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NIELIT CCC: Best CCC Institute in Delhi

IICS is the best CCC institute in Delhi, which offers best quality training at an affordable cost. We are known to provide the best computer training in Delhi. So, approach us and fulfill your dreams to understand the latest technology related to computers. Our experts will train you in a short span of time. We have acquired the position of the best CCC institute in Delhi due to our well managed academics and nurturing environment.

Become a computer concept expert

CCC stands for Course on Computer Concepts, which is a certificate course, specially designed for those who want to gain a basic level of IT literacy. We added this course in our curriculum with an idea of providing opportunities to the housewives, students, workers, etc. to gain computer literacy and grab a chance to get good career opportunities. IICS is a leading CCC institute in Delhi, where you can get the CCC training. After completion of the course, you can complete your daily computer related tasks very easily. You can manage the basic computer and also get the job after completing the course from IICS. It is a short term course with long term benefits.

Eligibility for the CCC course

No pre-requisite qualification is required to pursue the CCC course. An elementary knowledge would work to take admission in the CCC course at IICS. If you have a dream of learning the basics of computers, then join IICS and get the training under the experts of the field. You will surely get the best training that will allow you to work in any industry.

Course Duration

We are pleased to offer a 2-month program for the NIELIT CCC Course. This specialized course is designed to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills in computer fundamentals and digital literacy.

Course on Computer Concepts NIELIT CCC Course

  1. Introduction to Computers
  2. Introduction to GUI Based Operating System
  3. Elements of Word Processing
  4. Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
  5. Introduction to Internet, WWW and Web Browsers
  6. E-mail, Social Networking and eGovernance Services 
  7. Communication and Collaboration
  8. Application of Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  9. Application of Digital Financial Services (Accounting)
  10. Overview of Futureskills & Cyber Security

The Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) is a short-term program It aims to provide fundamental knowledge and skills in computer concepts and applications to individuals

The CCC program covers essential computer concepts, including computer  basics, operating systems, word processing, spreadsheet applications, presentations, internet usage, and email communication.

No prior computer knowledge is required to enroll in the CCC program. It is designed for beginners and individuals who want to gain a basic understanding of computer concepts and applications.

After completing the CCC program, individuals can gain basic computer literacy and enhance their employability.

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