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Hardware Engineering

Hardware And Networking Institute In Delhi

IICS is the best Hardware and Networking Institute that provides this career oriented course to the students and develops them into a well-rounded personality, who is ready to tackle every situation in the corporate sector. You can choose the Hardware and Networking Course from IICS and make yourself ready for the most booming IT industry in the world. At IICS, we provide computer hardware and networking course with the latest technology, tools and expert facility. We have a team of highly experienced Hardware and Networking trainers who will train you to sort every computer problem. Our professional course is specially designed keeping in mind the quality factor and rise of Hardware-tech field. One can directly approach us for the 1 year Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking and get a well rounded training and 100% placement after the completion of computer hardware and networking course. You can get your first career leap with lucrative opportunities, which will be provided by our placement cell after the completion of course.  Our fee structure is very affordable and compatible as per our facilities. Our courses are tailored to suit the needs of students, who want to achieve success in the future.

We shape our students as the hardware engineer, who would be ready to enter into the real field of work after the completion of the respective course. We convert average students into first rate professional, who are ready to face challenges in every field. Our teachers are familiar with the particular field of hardware and networking and groom you to become a technical service provider in different sectors. You will get the highest paying job in the fastest growing domain as a career, so you can easily serve in the IT sector and earn a lucrative amount. Don’t try your luck in different sectors, just enroll in hardware and networking course and become a good hardware and networking engineer.

IICS is a leading institute for computer hardware and networking course

Under the guidance of expert teachers, we train you in the latest in-demand skill. We prepare you for the upcoming great career opportunities in the industry. You can pursue computer hardware and networking course from IICS and give your career a kick start. We have a career-oriented latest curriculum, which will help you get enhanced skills to battle future hurdles. We have a great infrastructure, where you will get high-end facilities and technically advanced laboratories to learn.

In order to help our students, we offer them world class education under the expert in the hardware and networking industry. Our specialization in Hardware and Networking has given us the reputation of a leading Hardware and Networking Institute. We at IICS, focus to enable the students to co-relate the theory with practical.  If you will join our Hardware and Networking Course, then you will get in-depth knowledge to understand the hardware and networking of the computers very deeply.

The demand for the hardware and networking experts is increasing day by day in different industries. Delhi being a nation capital has become a top city for hardware engineers. So, join IICS and fulfill your dreams of becoming a hardware engineer and working in a top company.

DCHN (Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking) – 6 Months
ADCHN (Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking) – 1 Year

Hardware Engineering is a discipline within electrical engineering that focuses on designing, developing, and testing various hardware components and systems. It involves the creation of physical devices, such as integrated circuits, circuit boards, processors, and other electronic components, that form the foundation of modern technology.

To become a Hardware Engineer, a solid educational foundation is essential. Some professionals may pursue advanced degrees for specialized roles or research positions.

The hardware development process involves several stages, starting with concept and design, followed by prototyping, testing, and manufacturing.

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